Lunch Swag Bag
Lunch Swag Bag

Lunch Swag Bag

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There is no longer any need to wrap your food in plastic! This reusable and machine washable Lunch Swag is made from natural, 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton. Simply pack sandwiches, fruit or snacks into this Lunch Swag and it will keep them fresher for longer as it reduces sweating and drying out. It also has a nifty pouch for knives & forks or even a mini ice cooler as the Lunch Swag is a perfect insulator for hot or cold foods. After use, turn inside out, empty crumbs cold and machine wash. Line dry and reuse!



  • Made from 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton
  • Non toxic/chemical free
  • 100% sustainable and compostable (apart from care label)
  • Ethically and Fair Trade produce (SEDEX)
  • A portion of the sale of this product goes to Destiny Rescue